Workforce Mindset: Never Fear, Mistakes Can Make It Clear!

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I’ve learned more from my mistakes than my successes.

Maybe because I’ve made more mistakes?

Maybe because having reflected on the feelings (the pain of mistakes typically calls one’s attention: more so than the thrill of successes, however either are of little concern without reflection.) I’m now more mindful of avoiding those same traps and the mindset that precipitated it.

The same can also be true of my successes.  If I reflect on the feelings and the mindset that precipitated the success, I can now be in a prime position to replicate these successes.

This may seem simple. Yet, I want to point out the profundity experienced by the act of reflection and acquiring a specific mindset.  The process literally transforms that individual into the biochemical state matching the feelings associated with the prior success, enabling repeated experience to be directed in the present moment.

Leaders, it is our duty to see beyond our daily demands and permit our employees space for learning from their successes, as well as failures.  Without these “permissions” of culture, we curb learning and creative thinking dramatically, which also corresponds to decreased engagement levels.

To establish the space needed, employees must trust in the integrity of the examination of events that lead to successes or failures will be consistently used for the purpose of learning and growth and NOT to further support a culture of judgement and competition.

Much of the stress experienced in the workforce is due to feelings of judgement and fear; regarding being seen as competent.  An environment that perpetuates and models judgement (a fixed mindset, if you will) yields exactly that in it’s employees, as well; consequently shutting down the opportunity for learning by demonstrating behaviors that reinforce these stressors.

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