Workforce Engagement is Abysmal! But Why?

The data is in! Employee Engagement is abysmal in the majority of workplaces today. But, why? We can no longer ignore it with thoughts like, “not MY employees” or “we’re not THAT bad”, resulting in inaction and burying of heads.  These mere “thoughts” and refusal to investigate and address engagement for fear leadership may have … Read more

The Crisis No One is Talking About: Leadership!

We are currently under a crisis of leadership as a nation. One need only look to our Presidential Candidates, to see how truly bad this crisis is. I mean really… THIS is the best our nation has to offer?! Now, take this grand-scale example down to the local level, into our businesses and communities. We … Read more

Leaders Live in the Spotlight

The key is achieving the consistent, emotionally intelligent leadership behaviors that breed success in you and others. Here are a few suggestions to consider that can improve your and your team’s performance: Self-Check Start your day knowing what challenges you can expect to face, your state of mind (mental preparation), key objectives, and the corresponding … Read more