Leadership Mindset at a Restaurant?

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Waiting in line for a few minutes and not seeing any one who worked at the restaurant, I asked the group, (man, wife and daughter) in front of me whether there was a hostess. The wife said yes, she’ll be back.master_mind_header_email
More time passes…

The same lady, seeing me looking around the corner for a hostess says, what’s your name?
I tell her she writes it on the hostess pad and asks me “how many” and “will you be having crabs this evening”, exactly as if she worked there! At this time, the frazzled hostess returns and thanks the customer for her help and says we’ll be right with you.
More time passes my wife joins me in the lobby ten minutes later, having come from her mom’s house after dropping off our youngest.
At this point the lady and I have already struck up a relationship through her “hostess volunteer work”.
She says to me, I think you should go in there and hurry them along.  I responded, yeah that would go over well, “C’mon! shovel it in!”  As she responded, “Move it, Move it”. We went back and forth a few more times with equally offensive and funny quips.

It was a beautiful exchange of hilarity…with a stranger!

Her family stood with her, husband smiling and nodding in the background quietly, while the teenage daughter pronounces, “I don’t know her!” and hides her face behind long straight black hair.
Finally, the restaurant called the family in front of us to eat. I wished them a great evening and she, responded the same, with a big smile.

This exchange was a fun one and could be chalked up to just that. But, perhaps it was more than a playful exchange between two people, maybe what I witnessed was more?

I saw a natural leader, a confident, compassionate individual extending a little humanity.  I saw a great sense of humor applied to what is commonly seen as an unpleasant situation.  I saw two people entirely open to the moment and thoroughly enjoying it, as a result.

Had either of us been pre-occupied with what we were not getting in the moment, (ideally-immediate seating) we would have been focused on the negative of the situation.
Had either of us been contemplating anything else and lost in our thoughts, we would not have been aware of the others’ queues; she seeing me looking for a hostess and responding by taking my name and reservation. We wouldn’t have noticed the humor of the situation and continued to build upon it, for several more moments of cheek-stretching hilarity.

I did see a little more in this moment. I saw how important it is to be fully focused on the moment to experience it in its most full and positive form. (Anything else is experienced as a distraction to the current thinking)

This truth can be experienced across all relationships, personal and professional.

To have experiences where we are fully present in the moment, is anything but common place.  Most people are so pre-occupied with there lives’ stresses, worries and schedules they don’t experience life this way.  For them, life is one stress after another.  One “have to do” after another.  This outlook further creates stresses, victimization and severely limits one’s mental capabilities as a result.

I may never see this lady again but, I will not likely forget this exchange and what it showed me.

Yet, we can forget and we easily slip into moments of the mental rat race between moments of appreciation.  As with anything practice and repetition is important.  A vigilant commitment to feeling and operating from our best selves further strengthens these new habits, enabling greater mind/body/emotional awareness.

The best and only solution (I know of) to a more joy filled experience is a process of creating a High Performance Mindset.  Marc3 Solutions helps your team to remove limiting mindsets, replacing them with a High Performance Mindset!

Marc 3 does this by working with employers and employees to create a customized talent development solution that, enables present moment appreciation maximizing the employee, client, community and share holder experience.  The High Performance Mindset is designed to create alignment between Leadership best practices and Your Company’s business strategy.

If service matters, if staff relationships matter, if community reputation matters, if bottom-line revenue matters…  then you may be ready for Marc3’s High Performance Solutions for your teamContact us today.

By Ryan P. McShane

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