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Marc3 Leadership Solutions specializes in organizational development, consulting and training in the areas of operations management, leadership, sales and strategic planning. In partnership with 360 Solutions, we offer a unique selection of customizable tools and resources that help create lasting change in virtually any type of business. We help the “boss” or person in charge of an organization make a smooth transition to “leader” by entrenching such principles as High Performance Leadership.
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Fear and Love in the Workplace; A Nation’s Concern?

Despite what you may think, Fear and Love in the Workplace is not the name of a new daytime drama. However, it certainly sounds like it could be, don’t you think? I can only begin to imagine how juicy it would be with secret office romances, power plays and backstabbing as daily occurrences.  Unfortunately, these

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Coming to Consciousness: Personal and Organizational Growth

Each time I thought I suffered most, I came out of the experience knowing more of my self.  More accurately, each incident shook me, pushing me beyond ego. It was the earthquake that shook-off another layer of who I thought I was. Each incident so hard, so painful at the time, now has become a

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Cooperation or Competition, which leads to greater abundance?

We are but parts of the whole. Each part informs the whole and the whole informs each part. This is true for a family, a team, an organization, community or society. We recognize cooperation is what best serves each of these units individually and collectively; from a single person to the largest of groups. So,

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Executive Coaching

All world-class athletes have a coach. Not because the coach is smarter or knows more about their abilities or sport, but because the coach encourages, challenges, helps them envision their greatest potential and holds them accountable. Executive Coaching helps get your business running at peak performance and helps keep your business skills sharp.

Hire Right the First Time

Marc3 Solutions in strategic partnership with 360 Solutions offers you a suite of Assessments that are not merely responsive to the immediate situation but also can help identify potential problems and ensure future progress. CEO's, Managers, Supervisors, Human Resource Professionals alike rely on 360 Solutions Assessments to evaluate potential and existing employees.

High Performance Training

We can partner with you to create the perfect solution to meet your business needs. Our wide range of highly effective products offer proven solutions for employee and business development strategies. Every program comes with a detailed leader's guide, customizable Power Point and comprehensive student workbooks.

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“Engaged employees perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave an organization. Unfortunately, only 6% of today’s employees are highly engaged.”