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A Choice in Thought & Perspectives- “This is Water!”

Posted On: May 25, 2016 by Ryan McShane

The following piece is a reflection on the prolific writer, David Foster Wallace’s YouTube video, “This is Water!”   As David begins his narration of the video, he describes an encounter between three fish, two of whom were swimming along lazily when they see another fish, who asks, “how’s the water boys?” As the […]

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How Negative Feedback Brings Success

Posted On: July 1, 2014 by Ray Marcantoni

How many times have you feared being told you did something wrong? Most people dread negative feedback, but there is a silver lining to this: greater success in the future. While receiving negative feedback is never pleasant, it allows you to learn, grow and show your improvement to your employer. If you were never made […]

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Building Successful and Long-Lasting Teams, Part 1

Posted On: December 12, 2013 by Ray Marcantoni

Building companies requires the know-how to build long-lasting teams. It requires knowing how to maneuver a large group of people at the right place and time. Successful teams should be built to last, and today I am giving you the first three ways to ensure your team is long-lasting. First, be aware of how you […]

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Separate Your Business from the Rest

Posted On: November 21, 2013 by Ray Marcantoni

In The Art of War, Sun Tzu wrote, “If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win numerous battles without jeopardy.” While business competition isn’t equivalent to war, this quote holds true for any business person looking to separate their company from the rest. When separating your company from the rest, it’s important […]

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3 Business Tips Worth Remembering

Posted On: November 19, 2013 by Ray Marcantoni

Nowadays, if you are needing questions answered or are looking for business tips, the simplest way to get a quick answer is through internet search engines. However, this method yields thousands of results, which can be overwhelming. Below is a list of 3 very important tips for any business, which you can apply today. 1. […]

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